Therapy, Mindfulness, Buddhism

Are you stuck, anxious or depressed? Or looking for deeper meaning in your life?

Find out more about counselling & psychotherapy. I work with adults, couples and young people/teenagers, face-to-face in Malvern, or worldwide via Skype.

Do you want to develop a meditation practice? Or use mindfulness in your daily life? Do you want a greater sense of ease and balance?

All of my work is grounded in mindfulness, but if you want to learn the practice for yourself I offer individual sessions

I was ordained as a Buddhist priest in 2007, and given the title of Acharya (teacher) in 2017. My Buddhist name is Kaspalita, which means protected by the light, but everyone calls me ‘Kaspa’.

I run a Pureland Buddhist temple in Malvern, Worcestershire.



Header image cropped from ‘Buddha’ by Andrew Yee. Some Rights Reserved