Practicalities and booking

What is therapy?

Using a model called Internal Family Systems, I’ll support you to listen deeply to yourself and through that process to come to understand yourself more fully. From that place of understanding you’ll have more choice in your actions and reactions, can transform negative feelings and can heal emotional wounds

We are all a mixture of different feelings, behaviours and reactions. We might have an angry part, a self-critical part, a part that feels depression and another that feels anxiety. We might have parts that take us over and lead to compulsive or addictive behaviours.

Sadness, Fear, Joy, Disgust and Anger: characters from Pixar’s Inside Out.

These parts that bring us to therapy tend to be self-protective parts. Through the process of therapy we get to know them and understanding grows. These self-protective parts usualy have their roots in painful experience. As understanding grows, we offer healing to these old wounds. IFS therapy supports us to meet the pain without being overwhelemed by it. As the wounds heal, the self-protective parts begin to relax and life starts to get easier.

Mostly this process happens through us talking: you share, I’ll reflect and ask questions to help move the process along. It can also include paying attention to where we feel things in our bodies (nerves in our stomach, tension in our shoulders and so on) and working with visualisations.


I am currently offering sessions online via Google Meet, and face to face both inside and outdoors in Malvern, Worcestershire.


I offer sessions Tuesday to Friday. I tend to have more sessions available during the day, but do offer some evening sessions.


£80 per 50 minute session.

Therapy is an ongoing relationship and sessions are usually weekly.

Email to book a session, or call 07946 715 730.