Therapy sessions

I offer therapy in person, or online via Skype or other video call software. Therapy sessions can include talking & listening, mindfulness, working with the body, and working  in the therapy room or outside in the natural world.

My therapy practice integrates Internal Family Systems, Body Psychotherapy and Mindfulness.

I offer long term and short term counselling in person, or online via Skype. I work with adults, young adults, and teenagers.  Different life stages come with different challenges, and all can benefit from counselling.

If you are struggling with a particular relationship, or at work, or are experiencing difficult emotions, like anxiety, anger, guilt, depression or sadness, therapy can give you the space to explore these issues in a supportive environment.

Find out more about me here: Kaspa Thompson

What is therapy?

Therapy happens between two people. One of them – me – is the therapist. The other one – maybe you – is the client.

I’ll give my curiosity and attention to you. I’ll empathise with whatever you are bringing to the session.

I might be curious about the things you say, your feelings, emotions and bodily sensations (tension in the neck, butterflies in the stomach…)

We usually come to therapy when something feels stuck, or when we are experiencing an inner conflict.

The mind and body prefer to be healthy. There is a natural tendency to growth and balance.  As I come to know you, and you come to know yourself more deeply, this process of growth and movement towards balance begins to unfold.


Therapy sessions take place in my consulting room, in the centre of Malvern, or can be online. Therapy can also take place outside: ‘wild therapy’ or ‘eco-therapy’ (e.g. walking in the hills) which some clients find supportive.


I offer sessions Tuesday to Friday. I tend to have more sessions available during the day, but do offer some evening sessions.

Book a session:

Cost: £45 per 50 minute session. Lower cost spaces may be available, get in touch for more information.

Therapy is an ongoing relationship and sessions are usually weekly.

Email to book a session, or call 07946 715 730 or 01684 572 444. Sessions last 50 minutes and take place in Malvern, Worcestershire, or on Skype.