Client experience

” I have lived with health anxiety for most of my adult life, or rather, have felt anxious for most of my life, the health bit just gives anxiety some identity. Anxiety that is out of control is like an insidious friend, tricky, sneaky, exhausting, debilitating and demanding. Last year my Mum was diagnosed with an untreatable illness and was fast approaching her end of life. There was so much I felt I needed to say, but time was running out. Our relationship was close, but complicated and I was feeling an urgency to reconcile and put things right. I had wrongly and naively assumed she would feel the same and that cancer would provide an opportunity for this to happen.

Consequently, anxiety was through the roof! I desperately needed help and Kaspa, because of his experience of working with the body, was recommended as a psychotherapist. I approached Kaspa last summer, a little apprehensive at first, but on meeting, soon felt comfortable. As a person who mostly lives life from the neck upwards, working with the body was a new experience and I was not sure what to expect. 

However, in therapy, Kaspa has guided me and helped me to identify and meet with the anxious part of myself with gratitude and compassion and to be curious as to what “anxiety” and the sensations that I am experiencing in my body, may be wanting to tell me, for example; the tension that I feel in my throat has became an awareness that I have a tendency to “stifle” my “inner voice” and avoid speaking out about things that I am not happy about. This insight has been extremely freeing and healing. 

Through Mums passing (and the other curve-balls life throws!) I continue to learn with the help of therapy to become the best version of myself. I really appreciate Kaspa’s wisdom and approach which I experience as still and holding. I always feel safe and despite age and gender difference, fully and completely accepted, just as I am. ”