Free gift: body scan meditation

I have recorded my popular body scan meditation for you to listen to, and practice at home.

You can download this twenty minute recording here: Download mp3

The body prefers to be in a state of relaxation. It is only learned behaviour (how we hold tension in the body) that keeps us from this state. We create tension in response to perceived psychical or psychological threats in the world. We talk about steeling ourselves for what is coming, and while this is a kind of strength, it is a brittle rigid strength. Perhaps it serves us in the very short term, but we tend to hold onto the tension, wearing it like an armour as we go into the world.

When we’re tense, we’re not responsive, we cut off options, we tire ourselves out, and we’re more likely to injure ourselves.

If we can stay relaxed, we’re flexible, we can respond appropriately moment to moment, we’re more likely to stay healthy, and we just feel better.

The body and mind are closely related – as our body relaxes, our mind will become more settled.

Try out my body scan now:  Download mp3

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