Rainforest Mind: Shhh, listen. Being, doing and love.

Rainforest Mind with Kaspa Thompson
Rainforest Mind: Shhh, listen. Being, doing and love.
A street in Bristol

I’m standing with my eyes closed in the middle of a busy street and listening. Why? And what can I learn from that experience? I talk about the false opposites of being and doing, and why I prefer lovable to perfect.

I mention the Bang And Olafson podcast Sound of the Cities, and an early epsiode of this podcast on Wildness.

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  1. Great show. Thanks Kaspa. I was just listening to Mia thundering down the corridor and slamming her door shut. It felt like an invasion and produced some very interesting feelings. It also inspired me to love these parts of me that are noise sensitive as a result of being in harsh environments.
    I often pick up pleasant rhythms from busy spaces and they inspire the sounds that I make in my music.
    Thanks again.

    Namo Amida Bu

    1. Thanks – having an office underneath the kitchen I often get some interesting sounds coming in. The blenders, the chopping, the… dancing?

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