Rainforest Mind: Wildness

Rainforest Mind with Kaspa Thompson
Rainforest Mind: Wildness

The importance of wildness, why wildness is fundamental, and trusting the process.

I talk about getting out into the natural world, and touch on the process that led to the creation of the Amida Mandala Temple.

In this episode I refer to Isabella Tree’s Wilding, and Nick Totton’s Wild Therapy.

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  1. Thanks Kaspa. I was struck by your comment at the beggining that humans need nature but nature would flourish without us. This always raises an interesting response in me. I tend to feel that we are an essential aspect of the purpose of our world and the larger universal scheme as well. We represent the culmination of a process, the point of which includes both creation and destruction. Nature (the world) places us us at the centre of itself and facilitates our existence, as an indispensable component of its own destiny. To me, this indicates an entirely natural phenomena, which, as you suggest, may well be a stage in a development much more subtle than our minds are capable of understanding.

    Very interesting. Thanks.

    Namo Amida Bu ( ;

    1. Thanks Dayamy, I resist the idea that nature places us at the centre. Why not dolphins, or eagles, or insects? There are more insects than anything else, after all….

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