Buddhist Psychology, Climate Change and Spiritual Encounters

Rainforest Mind with Kaspa Thompson
Buddhist Psychology, Climate Change and Spiritual Encounters
Dharmavidya David Brazier

I’m talking to my Buddhist teacher Dharmavidya David Brazier. We talk about Buddhist Psychology: what does it mean, and how does Buddhist therapy work? We talk about how encountering ‘awakened’ people can be transformative, and about enduring great suffering. We talk about what supports grounding yourself in the big picture, and how faith helps us respond to climate change.

Dharmavidya’s book on Dogen is released in March by Windhorse and is called The Dark Side of the Mirror. Remember he writes under his given name of David Brazier, so search for that if you are looking for his other books, including Zen Therapy, which he mentions in the podcast.

I mention the Mary Oliver book Upstream.

Dharmavidya’s personal website is at elusis.ning.com, and the website of the Buddhist movement he leads is www.amidashu.org

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