Rainforest Mind: Depression, My Companion

Rainforest Mind with Kaspa Thompson
Rainforest Mind: Depression, My Companion

I’m a little nervous about releasing this episode. It’s just me today, no guests, and I’m talking about my experience of depression, and how it is to be a Buddhist teacher and psychotherapist and have the ‘black dog’ as a companion on the path.

This is an important topic. We are all human and some of the trickiest situations arise when we don’t recognise all the different parts of ourselves, and all the different parts of the people we are in relationship with.


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  1. I work for a local mental health charity in the Black Country, and am a former mental health nurse and therapist. Your podcast is actually helping many people struggling with depression and I use it in my work. Thank you so.much for speaking out about living with The Black Dog, it’s much appreciated.

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