Online Therapy

Photo by samer daboul from Pexels

Due to the cornavirus outbreak I am now seeing all clients online via Skype and Zoom. I’ve always had mix of face-to-face clients and online clients from all over the world, so it’s not such a big change for me.

Online work is different, of course. There’s no greeting at the door and walking down the hallway into a room that we both physically occupy. Some clients like a handshake, and there’s no handshake online.

The connection between us is different, and it is still just as real. The work that my online clients do is just as transformative as those that I have worked with face to face.

My job is to support your connection to all of the different parts of yourself, to encourage you to meet yourself with kindness and curiosity. I do that by bringing those qualities in myself to our meeting, and I can do that just as well through Zoom or Skype as I can face to face.

In these unusual times we can find ourselves feeling all sorts of different things. Being in lockdown might create anxiety or depression, and it might bring anger and frustration to the surface. If you need some extra support, I’m here. Book a session.

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